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Below you will also find a few shareware applications built with some of our components:

Focus Photoeditor
Smart Photo Import

Bundle of Add-Ons for ImageEn and Delphi Download Manuals  4 PDF Manuals for all our Components
Main Demos + Source Code  
  • Paint Engine Advanced Demo
  • Paint Engine Simple Demo
  • ThumbsBrowser Demo REVISED
  • RGBCurves Demo
  • Image Processing Addon Demo
  • Multithread Processing Demo
  • Metadata Editor Demo (with our metadata panel component, that comes with the ThumbsBrowser)
Additional Demos + Source Code  

  • ThumbsBrowser Styles and Layouts Demo (also shows the support for Windows themes and VCLStyles)
  • ThumbsBrowser Drag&Drop Demo: REVISED
  • ThumbsBrowser Browse All Sources Demo:
    Shows how to simply use TB to browse PC Folders, WIA Files, Windows Portable Devices, and Retrieve Pictures from Scanners or other Sources.
  • ThumbsBrowser Database Demo:
    Shows how to browse / edit a db table with pictures using thumbs browser (in both sync and async mode)
  • ThumbsBrowser Video Files and Multi-Pic Editor: NEW
    Shows how to browse / edit  frames in a Video or Multi Tiff file or other file format that allows multiple frames. Uses the new Load On Demand (Async or Sync mode)